The 1st Age

The first age is recognized as an age of recovery as the world recovered from the Grand Archanophage. only 3 known races were known to exist in this period: The mountainous Dweva, The coastal Av’kaar, and the underground Mordalar. The first ever gauntlet took place at the end of the cycle, A1.997. The First Gauntlet saw the crowning of the first Archon, Borakiv Sin Makalar and the subsequent ‘ascension’ of the Av’Kaar.

noteable events:

The caves currently home to the Articans in A7.016 were discovered by primitive Mordalar explorers in A1.215

The Crystalline Object referred to as Feena was discovered by Av’kaar scouts in A1.331. the object was quickly abandoned as it was suspected as harboring foreign spirits.

The 1st Age

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