The Tribes of the Tez’ni’la

“The strong merely survive in this toxic land. The Tez’ni’la thrive in it.”

Notable Tez’ni’lians


Racial Traits

Abilities +2 DEX +2 WIS
Skill Bonuses +2 Nature +2 Stealth
Size: Small

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Low-Light

Languages: Clith’ric, choice of 1 other

Nature Resistance: you have resist nature damage equal to 5 + level

Eyes of the Adept

Your prey flees its inevitable death, no matter; you perceive its every motion, clear as day.

At Will – Minor Action

Effect: you declare a target in line of sight. You automatically gain an additional +2 sneak and can re-roll any tracking checks against that target. When sneak attacking your target, you automatically maximize the damage roll (and additional modifiers) against that target. This effect lasts 24 hours, until the target is killed, or until a new target is declared. This spell can only be placed on 1 target at a time, and does not conflict with other marks such as ’Warlock’s Curse’.

The tribal masses of the Tez’ni’la are a jungle dwelling race of the thick, inhospitable jungles central to the Western Continent. They are a fierce and infinitely adaptive race that is renowned as some of the most formidable hunters on the planet. They are small in size (4’8 – 5’2), thin, muscular, and frequently wear minimalistic cloth and leather vestments made of animal hide.


Æthan Vlade