The Colonies of the Seram

“The world speaks in an aged tongue. Listen and you will walk in a light of a long lost world”

Racial Traits

Abilities +2 INT +2 WIS
Skill Bonuses +2 History +2 Religion

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Dark-Vision

Languages: Common, Seric

Radiance Resistance: you have resist radiant damage equal to 5 + level

Ardent Defender: you gain a +1 racial bonus against demons.

Whispers of Feena

Just as the world goes black, a gentle voice guides you back to reality.

Daily – Triggered Action

Effect: If at any point you drop to 0 hit points or below roll a D20. If the result is greater than 10, you automatically jump to 1 HP, retain 1 minor action, and are conscience. If the result is less than 10, damage is taken as normal.

The clerical colony of Seram is a race of plain dwelling humanoids that reside in the northern lands of the western continent. They are a long-lived and vastly intelligent race, sole bent on preserving the memories of their celestial bloodline in a crystalline statue that predates the known world. They are tall (5’8 -6’2), exhibit a lightly blue tint to their skin, have non pupils or irises in their white eyes and religiously don white cloth robes and gold jewelry.


Æthan Vlade