Sanctuary Origins:

The Mirage Dragon named Promcer had been searching for the philosophical and metaphysical truths of reality, having realized that was the true reason behind his search into his own ritual ridden birth. He learned that true realization of any truth came from character rather than rote, and learned that connecting to all things was the power of nessecity. This power of truth wove through everything that did and did not exist. Fatespinners used this as the base of their arcane power, tugging upon the strings of truth to create fluctuations in probability. But these Fatespinners tugged with arcane power rather than true connection. Promcer sought to truly realize this power, the power that lied inside all thing. To do that he would have to build inside himself a realm of it, to use it he would have to build a realm where he wished it to be used. This was the method he established to build a Source. Promcer realized he could travel along the threads of truth using the Source, creating a Weave from his personal truth upon other truths. He was able to do this through Sanctuary, the absolute nessecity requiring existence to exist. The hidden dimension, by its very nature the dimension of twilight and odd mirrors.

It was difficult to realize Sanctuary. Looking without balance broke whichever mirror you looked at, brute force flared the light to blind you, relaxation dimmed the light and left behind an array of misleading lights. The user had to have a serene passion, a neutral perception, and a biased desire. The user had to own their illusions and truths. The user had to have the ability to dance. Ultimately, the user had to believe in creating Sanctuary. Turning the cards of fate to both disrupt and preserve, with an ultimate intention of good will since there was no point in evil will.

When the Mirage Dragon named Promcer turned on his closest companions, endeavoring to bring them all to the brink of death, he was trying to bring to realization the final truth he did not understand about his search. The desires to see everything destroyed and to exercise full dominance, the desires that lurked in the shadow of every sentient being. Without succumbing to this truth, he could not master himself and his own power. Having done the best he could to bring chaos upon everything he stood for without destroying it in the process, Promcer realized his full potential and the potential of the Sanctuary. Disappearing before his companions’ eyes, Promcer established from the power of Sanctuary to the realm of Sanctuary.

With a realm established, those who have sought the same as Promcer have had a place to find. Ironically accessible only to them and invited guests. So far and likely for eternity this will be an incredibly small amount of people given the infinite nature of this illusory realm. These people are called Sanctuarians.

Promcer now resides a member of the Sanctuary Archons, undoubtedly the most powerful of Sanctuarians holding the solitary and sustaining position of Universal Archon, while the Dracolich and Prismatic tend to the majority of the population as the two Masters; the Dracolich watching the Sanctuary Dirgists, and the Prismatic watching the Sanctuary Artists.

Promcer Motives

The Universal Archon wishes to weave.

Promcer is the Universal Archon, his will extends throughout the weave and expands it into a realm. Promcer is highly manipulative and seeks to enact the Sanctuary will he can without sacrificing Sanctuary truth.

Most Archons are sedentary creatures, basking in their own power and observations while enjoying their dreams, only waking at the request of the Sanctuary or for matters of powerful personal interest. The Universal cannot sleep. The weave pulls him rapidly apart and the only way to maintain is for the Universal to exert their own will.

Prismatic Hollow Motives

The Master Arist wishes to create.

The Prismatic is not interested in furthering the will of the Sanctuary upon any realm but that of the Sanctuary. Instead The Prismatic whispers at the souls of mortals, challenging them to seek surreal truth and inspiring them to better themselves. The Prismatic has no wish to extend the Sanctuary past those who can grasp it themselves.

The Prismatic is still willing to preserve the lure of the Sanctuary, as The Prismatic wishes to enable mortals in finding the Sanctuarian path and traveling it. Primarily the Prismatic concerns herself with building inside the Sanctuary a decorated maze of the infinite and infintesimal, though she takes what she deems nessecary time to enforce the strictures of the Sanctuary and inspire the Sanctuarians.

Obsidian Dracolich Motives

The Master Dirgist wishes to whisper.

The Obsidian extends the Sanctuary to make right the shameful, shame the righteous, and master all secrets. The Obsidian is subtle, despising any matter of brute force instead preferring to abandon a project that requires it. He is known to have both tortured individuals and left them with deep insight.

The Obsidian tortures people attempting to find the Sanctuary, only leaving alone those the Archons have extended the Sanctuary to. Primarily the Obsidian concerns himself with orchestrating and playing games that never stop evolving, though the Obsidian consistently responds to imagined requests for his presence in one way or another.

Power Source

Sanctuary (“The power that lies within the virtue of existence, that power which sees that existence endure,”)

Structure of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary City is a giant prismatic crystal tree at the center of the Sanctuary, while the rest of the Sanctuary resembles a broken wasteland with interspersed oasis and caverns. In reality, that wasteland contains the infintesimal and infinite realms of each Sanctuarian and the wasteland itself is alive with life and shifting rules.

Denizens of the Sanctuary

Each Sanctuarian has their own infintesimal and infinite realm within the Sanctuary that reflects their core power. Accessing this realm from outside the Sanctuary is incredibly difficult for anyone, especially the Sanctuarian as it not only requires the conditions for accessing the Sanctuary but the conditions for accessing the self. When a Sanctuarian dies their realm is absorbed by the closest Archon’s realm.

Other denizens of the Sanctuary, who are not Sanctuarians, may occassionally find a home there as an alternative to death. This usually occurs either through a moment of epiphany or intervention by an Archon, and is not as rare as somebody becoming a Sanctuarian but much rarer than visitors.

The purest expression of each plane attends to the portion of the Sanctuary that mirrors it: Angels; Devils; Couatls; Djinn; Nymphs; Shadows; Kraken.

A few creatures are found in various forms on every Sanctuary Mirror: Hounds.

There are a plethora of Abominations in the Sanctuary, pets of the Archons and an example of failed ascension. Abominations are powerful enough to be beloved by the Sanctuary but impure enough to prevent them from becoming Sanctuarians.

Any primal animal or spirit that makes it to the Sanctuary reverts to its most ansectral form, resulting in several Brachyurus among other things, and becomes Dire or Legendary. Powerful and pure, but too mindless to become a Sanctuarian.

The only dragons that exist in the Sanctuary are Prismatic, Force, or Fae Dragons as any dragon that enters the Sanctuary must become the purest expression of what a dragon is or perish; with the exception being Sanctuarians. Powerful, pure, intelligent, but too arrogant to become a Sanctuarian.

Each feature of the seasons are tended to by a host of magical beings. Glooms tend to the Fall, Hoary Hunters to the Winter, LeShay to the spring, Titans to the summer.

A creature that achieves its epic destiny becomes unwelcome in the Sanctuary unless that destiny does not leave behind what it was and is not overly obsessed with something that does not matter to true ascension. Such destinies as deemed acceptable are Archlich, Feyliege, Parable, Loremaster, Diamond Soul, War Master, Demigod, Deadly Trickster, Eternal Seeker, Harbinger of Doom, Witch Queen, and Primal Avatar.

Any creature that is not one of the creatures mentioned above must become a Paragon or face death when it comes to reside in the Sanctuary.

Those that are not strong enough to become Paragons but too persistent to die become Shadows of the Void, these fervantly hunt any who betray the Sanctuary or casually meddle with Sanctuarians and answer only to the Universal Archon whom employs them as secret keepers.The Sanctuary Shadows, along with the Pure Sanctuarians, also tend to the dead creatures that have migrated in death or undeath to the Sanctuary.

Finally, the creatures known as Pure Sanctuarians are those who failed in the process of becoming a Sanctuarian or who remained a Sanctuarian for too long without mastering their own destiny. This results in a Sanctuarian mind becoming lost to the weave and losing the ability to source, a happening only reversible by a fated awakening. Pure Sanctuarians tend to the needs of the Sanctuary without any control over their actions, simply going as ultimate expressions of the weave made manifest. All Pure Sanctuarians appear as tall humanoid dolls. There are always more Pure Sanctuarians than there are Sanctuarians, many Sanctuarians becoming Pure Sanctuarians at the moment of their death.

Class Sanctuarian

At Will Minor “Source”: Adds 2(CHA) points to your Source Pool. The maximum amount of points available must be equal to your level plus (CHA+WIS). This pool is set to zero at the start of an encounter if the encounter was unprepared for you have half of your source pool. At Will Minor “Weave”: Prepares up to (CHA+WIS)/2 points from your Source Pool to add or subtract modifiers from a number of actions equal to your WIS. Can only use Weave once per turn and prepared Weave can be stacked by not expending it until the next turn. Maximum amount of Weave is equal to one third of your level, rounding up, plus (CHA+WIS).

Encounter Standard “Woven Adeptitude”: By sacrificing half of their Source Pool, a Sanctuarian takes no penalties for the rest of the encounter and recieves no bonuses in the areas where their penalites were removed. The Character is considered Fatigued and takes penalties as such.

At Will Move “Woven Source”: Changes the source and element of an action or energy. The object of the power, if it still exists, returns to its original form at the end of the Character’s turn. Requires three weave.

At Will Move “Weave Skating”: The Character teleports 5 squares. At the end of the Character’s turn or the end of the Character’s next turn the Character can elect to teleport back to the original square. Character is considered fatigued for two turns. Requires three weave.

At Will Minor “Fractal Weave”: The DM chooses a suitable effect to enhance the targeted power in a way that benefits the player. The player can then choose to further enhance the magnitude of the effect by weaving more points into it or the player can choose their own suitable effect by adding two weave and then enhancing it with further weaving. For every magnitude of enhancement add plus 2 to a pertaining modifier or one square to the area of effect as applicable. Requires three weave plus one weave for every magnitude enhancement.

Daily Standard “Woven Fate”: Affects Character or an ally chooses an objective category: survive; discover; subdue. The Character then chooses a special or magical effect relavent to a chosen skill and the character objective, the skill roll success determines the magnitude of the effect, although weaving can be used to enhance the skill roll. The effect cannot be cast on an unwilling participant for damage purposes, although it can be used to burden them. Requires six weave and can be maintained for two weave.

Daily Full Round “Woven Sanctum”: Any creature within ten squares of you that acts violently is teleported to a plane of your choice and recieves damage equal to your INT + (CHA OR WIS) before appearing ten squares away from you. All creatures who can be aware of you are aware of you and feel compelled to listen to you, you automatically gain an oppurtunity to make intimidate and diplomacy checks with all of them as if you were in conversation with them. Requires one weave, can be sustained for one weave per turn.

Paragon Pure Sanctuarian

Destiny Sanctuary Archon

Sanctuary Circles

A Sanctuary Circle is a ritual for extending the Sanctuary to a location. A Sanctuary Circle provides Source, prevents unwilling corruption, gives the Sanctuary Archons an oppurtunity to interfere, and whisks a Sanctuarian to the Sanctuary for a waking hibernation where they might otherwise die. The ritual is easy to enact and complete, taking little time. The number of persistent Sanctuary Circles a Sanctuarian can have active at one time in proportion to their power.

A Sanctuarian can create an enhanced version of the Sanctuary Circle called a Sanctuary Hexcircle, though this takes a great deal of time and is taxing as well as being limited to one per Sanctuarian. The Sanctuary Hexcircle is simply six interlocking Sanctuary Circles in the shape of a flower, but it brings the Sanctuary Plane to the location of the Sanctuary Hexcircle, transforming the location into a location of the Sanctuary for as long as the Sanctuary Hexcircle exists. The Hexcircle allows Sanctuary Denizens and Sanctuarians to roam freely within that area as if they were in the Sanctuary, as well as providing a physical route to the Sanctuary. Using a Hexcircle to travel to the Sanctuary without guidance requires all the same difficulties a Sanctuarian has to return to the Sanctuary on their own.

A Sanctuary Circle that is breached or corrupted is defended by the two Masters of the Sanctuary who respond with rage at any such success.


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