The Sub-Society of the Biothids

“There are some things older than this world, beings that have witnessed horrors that could extinguish all life in the blink of an eye. Those beings walk among us…

Racial Traits

Abilities: +2 ??? +2 ???

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Dark-Vision

Languages: Common, Deepspeak, choice of 1 other

Skills: you can train 1 additional skill at creation

Biothid Form: take +2 +2 in any 2 stats of your choice. You also have a +5 in intimidate, resist 5 + level psionic, and and +2 to all saves. You have DC 15 ‘Horrifying Presence’ to all races except the Vellen and other Biothids.

Inescapable Gait: in Biothid form, if you spend both a move and standard action on movement then you move 14 squares total instead of 12, confer an additional +2 REF for the duration of the turn.

Visage of the Cosmos

The mortals of this world are not equipped to deal with true perfection of form… perhaps a disguise is necessary…

At-Will – Sustain Minor

Effect: you transform into a non-specific humanoid for of your choice. It can be any race or gender. While in this form you do not have ‘horrifying presence’, but also lose all the stats confider by your Biothid Form. You can make Basic and At-Will attacks in this form. If you, for any reason, make an action not allowed in our form or willingly or unintentionally fail to sustain with a minor action, then you instantly resume you Biothid Form.


Æthan Vlade