The Villages of the Banku

“When you glaze upon an apex predator, you see a threat. The Banku see a meal”

Racial Traits

Abilities +2 STR +2 CON
Skill Bonuses +2 Endurance +2 Athletics

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Low-Light

Languages: Common, Banali

Survival Endurance: it takes twice as long for a Banku to accrue the penalties associated with starvation and dehydration.

Lightning reflexes: +2 racial bonus to Reflex Saves

Big Game Hunter: you gain a +1 racial bonus against all creatures Large or larger.

Steady Resolve

Your hurting bad, but little do your enemies know, the fight is far from over.

Encounter – Triggered Action

Effect: when you are bloodied, you automatically take resist 5 to all damage for your next turn. This becomes 10 damage at 11th level and 15 damage at 21st level.

The Banku are a savanna dwelling people of the Western continent. They are denizens of a lost and powerful race of feral warriors that migrated to the land during antiquity. There are few races that can match the athletic prowess of the Banku. What the Banku lack in raw intelligence, they make up for in sharp senses and strong initiative. They are tall, thick-chested, and long-lived (6’ – 6’6"). They have a deep red pigmentation to their skin and long and sharp canines that are complemented by a slight under bite.


Æthan Vlade