The City-States of the Articans

“When everything is a fight for your life, down to every bite of every meal, it ensure the strong survive and the weak perish”

Racial Traits

Abilities +2 STR +2 WIS

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Low-Light

Languages: Common, Articallic

Skill Bonuses: +2 Dungeoneering +2 History

Iron Skin: you have resist slashing and piercing damage, both equal to 3 + level

Melee Masters: you gain a +1 racial bonus against all creatures with the Warrior keyword.

Concentrated Rage

Ok, now you’re just plain mad…

Encounter – Triggered Action

Effect: your first attack after becoming bloodied is automatically treated as a critical hit provided the attack does not miss.

The Articans are a stubborn people native to the vast mountain ranges of the northern sub-continent. They are cave-dwellers by heritage with strong personalities and ever stronger patrilineal family ties. They are generally a reclusive race, and distrusting of outsiders in a land of scares resources, but always deeply loyal to a trusted few. They are a short and barrel-chested race (4’8" – 5’6") that is generally heavy set. Their favored garment is heavy and ornately detailed battle armor, which is often passed down within a family unit.


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