The Grand Empire of the Xa’tan

“When everything is a fight for your life, down to every bite of every meal, it ensure the strong survive and the weak perish”

Notable Xa’tan

Xa’tan Girl
Unpossessed Soldier

Racial Traits

Abilities +2 DEX +2 INT
Skill Bonuses Acrobatics +2 Intimidate +2

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Tanaric

Death before Dishonor: you take additional +2 to your Fortitude and Will save

Fire Resistance: You have resist fire damage equal to 5 + level

Breath of the Ancients

With a deep breath and a flash of elemental power, you unleash the fury of your terrifying bloodline.

Encounter – Standard Action

Effect: you deal 1d8 + CON damage to all creatures in Close Burst 3. This damage is either Fire, Lightning, Thunder, or Poison depending on your bloodline. Fire deals additional 1d6. Lightning hits 1 additional adjacent enemy, at -2 damage. Thunder causes knockback 1 square. Poison causes ongoing 1d4 damage (save ends)

The Xat’an are a vast and powerful empire of dragon-blooded humanoids. They reside in a feudal network of hierarchical dynasties that oversees the volcanic territory of their empire. They are a highly structured people, with an ever-present hierarchy of classes and wealth. Generally, they are a tall and strong-bodied race with 4 main colors that reflect the dragons they worship ( red, white, green, blue). They often bear tattoos that indicate their role in society and the dragon type they reflect.


Æthan Vlade