The Republic of the Vikrans

“Freedom is something special. It’s something worth living for and something worth dying for.”

Racial Traits

Abilities +2 CON +2 CHA
Skill Bonuses +2 Diplomacy +2 Perception

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Vicommon, choice of 1 other

Highly Skilled you make take 2 additional trained skills at character creation.

Wilderness Adept you gain a +1 racial bonus against all creatures with the Animal keyword.

Society of Artisans during character creation, you may exchange one of your At-Will powers or Encounter Powers with that of another class. This is not treated as multiclassing, and doesn’t influence multiclassing feats in any way.

The Vikrans of the North East are Nobel race of craftsmen and warriors that find their home deep in the rich forests of their homeland. They are a highly progressive race that balances the value of the individual with the needs of society. Their complex fascinations have afforded them the freest society on the planet. They are abundant and diverse race, with a large range of heights weights (5’ – 6’2). They often dress in accordance with their profession, as it is a strong element of their individual identity.


Æthan Vlade