The Champions


Origin of the Champions and the Gauntlet

Any race that had an Obelisk would have a Champion chosen by Oni who would then receive a tattoo, sometimes along with other mystical signs, marking them as Champion, though some races would later learn to duplicate the tattoo and send their chosen Champion in place of the real one. Oni would then give the Champions any non magical gear they wished for and send them on the Gauntlet. Typically, an Oni Archon would be there to interact with the Champions on her behalf.

The Champions, having been geared up by Oni, were sent to aboard the Pathfinder to face the three “demons” who were actually Keepers. Upon defeating a “demon” the Champions would return to Oni before embarking on the voyage to the next “demon”, once all the “demons” had been defeated the Champions would return to Oni one last time for a fight to the death with each other to choose the next Oni Archon.

There are exceptions to this course of events, however. Champions have been known to return home after the Gauntlet, usually to ostracism, and it is known that the 3rd Oni Archon wounded and escaped Oni. It also seems like there have been occasions where Oni had to kill the Champions due to defiance.

The Oni Archon

The Oni Archon would inevitably be the last of their race, as the species whose Champion was chosen would be sacrificed for the continuing power of Oni. The Oni Archon would remain alive to govern the other species and represent Oni to the world and to the next Champions. It becomes apparent, however, that the Oni Archon is imprisoned and may not do everything they might wish.

Some Archons have been very authoritarian while others, like the 7th Oni Archon, have barely been seen.

Biothid Champions

Biothid Champions typically replaced one of the other races’ Champion to join in the Gauntlet.

Known Champions

Sya’han: Deceased, was killed by the other Champions upon being exposed as demonically possessed by the Guecubu Saedokhonir. Before his death Sya’han, or Saedokhonir, repeatedly stated their belief in the test as being continuing until the death of the Champions. His corpse is now kept by Lucife.

Lucife: Sent by Promcer to subvert the Gauntlet and Oni’s power, now works to gather secrets and make the world safe and dynamic for all the races as well as working to help the Kavmier nation. Notable for being a child and a Draconian shade, as well as the first Sanctuarian since the 3rd Archon. Keeps many secrets but is habitually honest. During the Gauntlet, Lucife refused to kill one of the demons but advocated killing the other two.


Feferi Serket

Bay Monti An Artican Biothid. Detests apostrophes in his name




Skorne: Barbarian eunuch with a heart condition known for the power and relentlessness of his rages. He left the party to pursue spiritual enlightenment and to find his family.

3rd Archon: A Champion who successfully killed all his comrades except for a Biothid, the 3rd Archon used his powers as a Sanctuarian to wound and escape Oni. The wound she left contributed to Oni’s decay in power and the encroachment from the Outer Realm.

Maver the 7th Archon: The Archon who greeted the 7th cycle’s Champions, he did not speak much and seemed both weary and sad. He gave directions directly enough but when engaged in conversation he tended to speak haltingly, at one point when attempting to answer a particularly difficult question about the Witch he started screaming and Oni’s voice was heard reprimanding him.

After the Champions freed him from his helmet Maver decided to enact the Arcanophage, which would have killed him if not for the Sanctuary Circle that allowed him to begin the transformation to Sanctuary Denizen.

Honorary Champions

A neologism used by the Champions of the seventh cycle to refer to people who have joined the party as a member.


Loyalty and Group Cohesion

Although sent to Oni for the sole purpose of proving their race better than the others and the slaughter of all the other Champions, the Champions initially seemed very cooperative. Through philosophic discussion with one another it was decided that the better course was not to kill the “demons” who were soon discovered to be guardians whose power the Champions stole for Oni by killing them. It was this cooperative consideration, and eventually defiance, that led Oni to consider them irredeemable.

However, after the Arcanophage the group splintered to the point of near severance. A pact was made not to search for the Relic that was immediately broken by a few of the Champions, while another Champion betrayed the group to the Xatan empire and still another refused to return altogether.

However, the groups animosity towards each other was dropped with the death of a traitor and a deathless honor duel between Requies and Skorne. Despite this, Champions disappear from the main group frequently and without explanation to attend to their own business or sometime just relax in a bathhouse, in particular Molshyr showed to have reservations about traveling with the group.

Kisaria has had some conflict regarding her role as a Champion, something Lucife responded to and argued with her about on numerous occassions.

Champion Structures

The Central Obelisk and the Obelisks have been associated with the Champions, as only Champions with Obelisks have been chosen, but it unknown the degree to which Champions and Obelisks are interwoven and it may be that the Obelisks were simply a conduit for Oni’s power rather than a necessary component of the Champions.

Champion Doors Giant doors that require the presence of several Champion tattoos to work.

The Champions

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