Insomnium Isles

Insomnium Isles

The Insomnium Isles are nestled comfortably between the eastern and western continents, and are the farthest away from Artican lands.

The Insomnium Isles are home to the Vellen as well as many kinds of demons. The demons inhabit the larger, northern isle called Voran, while the Vellen inhabit Shalotona. The body of water between the two isles is known as the Insomnium Strait.


Voran is a very active area both geologically and by its inhabitants. The most defining feature is the volcano, surrounded by crag and wasteland. Demons build fortresses and fight amongst each other endlessly in this hellish land. The same happens in the heavily forested area furthest from the volcano. Specific activities are hard to report on, as the inhabitants are actively hostile to visitors.


Shalotona on the other hand is paradise in comparison. It has a large lake called Lake Hyria, farmlands, forests, orchards, caves, and wonderful beaches. The isle is split into two sections by a river, and also splits the capital Vaxi in two, creating west and east sections. Two other notable cities are Port Ticanna and Spiria, both located at ends of the island where ships can dock and trade occurs between other races.

Insomnium Isles

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