Seram: Pearl Plains Lion
- These beast are amoung the most rare and beautiful mounts ever seen in the world. They are gifted to the greatest warriors in the Seram homelands , and only available to those proven to walk in the light of the pure. Thier special ability is Fearless Pride which allows them to press forward where all other animals would flee, it is said that they will persue any foe of the light to the very ends of Æthan.

Tez’ne’la: Mantithid
- These insectid horrors can only be found in the deepest reachest of Tez’ni’la territory. they are large-mouthed, mantis like creatures that stand nearly 5’ at the highest point. their special ability is Predatorial Climbing, which allows them to traverse all manner of vertical and horizontal terrain with ease.

Banku: Sand Shriekers
- These large, Bat like creatures are native to the wind-swept caves of the Banku homeland. They are proud and vigilent creatures that are legendary for thier loyalty in captivity. Thier Special ability is Cliff-Hunter’s Agility which allows vastly improved reflex and acrobatics over other mounts. They are a flying mount.

Kavmier: Ursalon
- These massive bear mounts are native to the tundra forrests of the Kavmier homelands. They are fierce apex predators, often weighing in at 600 or more pounds. They are rarely captured ferral, but often bread in captivity for military use. Their special ability is Ferral Tenastiy, which gives them increased carrying wieght limits and improved endurance.

Artican: Kormaw
- These Carpace riddled, 4 legged, underground dwelling, reptilian animals find thier home deep in the underground tunnles beneath Artican lands. They are rash, tempermental, and very agressive. The Articans use them as everything from beast of burden, to battle mounts as they have unnamtched toughness and strength. Their special ability is Earthen Resistance, which allows them to traverse in all enviroments worldwide without penalty.

Vikran: Orsinian Griffin
- The Griffin’s of the Orsinian Platau have been domesticated by the Vikrans for ages. They are prized possessions in Vikrans societies and come in a veriety of colors and sizes. Their speical ability is Adaptable Form, which allows them to function equally well as a ground mount and an air mount.

Evran: Shade Wolf
- Shade Wolves are both terrifing and humbing to behold. they are masters of the hunt and can quell any prey with thier large packs. They have been long respected and selectivly bread by the Evran, as some of the most unique mounts in the realm. Thier special ability is Wild Hunt, which allows the wolf and its rider to move in a nearly silent and untrackable fashion.

Xa’tan: Spectrasaur
- The Spectrasaur are indeed a terrorfying sight to behold: 4 strong legs, spiked boney ridges, and deep black eyes. They are furious creatures, hardened by generations of life in the unforgiving Hav’ax Firelands, where territorial desputes between monsterous creatrures are commonplace. They are well respeced by their masters as unmatched vessles of the enbodiement of war. Thier special ability is Unstoppable Charge, which gives them a terrorfying charge ability that is roumored to be a viable siege tactic.

Vellen: Stormraven
- There are few creature more mysterious than the stormraves of the Insomnium Isles. Large back birds that almost certinaly are smarter than they let on. no one really knows where they came from or what they know, but they are loyal to the vellen and sleepless in defense of thier common homeland. they have the ability Unnatrual Speed which allows them to traverse the world with the very fabric of ‘The Weave’ at thier wings, allowing for unnatral speed and altitude in thier swift travels.


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