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  • Story of the Bonzokuos

    (Bondzokuos, missed the "D" in there =P)

    There was once a terrible war waged in the hearts of the [[Vellen]], which nearly tore their own existence apart. But to understand that war, you must understand the one before. Many hundreds of …

  • Insomnium Isles

    Insomnium Isles

    The Insomnium Isles are nestled comfortably between the eastern and western continents, and are the farthest away from [[Artican]] lands. The Insomnium Isles are home to the [[Vellen | Vellen]] as well as many kinds of …

  • Kisaria Selkiin

    h1. Kisaria Selkiin's Journal h3. Entry 1: Archon Today I met the [[Archon]] for the first time, as a [[Champion]] of the [[Vellen | Vellen]]. He emerged from the [[obelisk]] and sailed elegantly down to us with billowing scarves and shining …

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