Once Kavmier, this child has been changed by 100 years and multiple arcane transformations.



Name: Lucife

Title: The Master of Fundamentals and Harmony

Class: Sanctuarian Swordsage

Race: Draconic Shade (+2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence; +2 Arcana, +2 Stealth) (Shadow Origin)(Common; Draconic)(Draconic Energy: Lightning)

Draconic Template: (Fly Clumsy half movement speed)(Standard Encounter Breath Weapon: Close Blast 4; Level+2 vs Reflex; 2d8+Con Damage)(Resistance to chosen energy type: 5 at 1st, 10 at 15th, 15, at 21st)(Saving Throws: +2)

Str 10 (+0)

Dex 12 (+1)

Con 10 (+0)

Int 16+2 (+4)

Wis 13 (+1)

Cha 14+2 (+3)

Will 16; Ref 17; Fort 13

Initiative +1

Armor Class +4

Arcana +7; Stealth +7; Diplomacy +5; Acrobatics +5

Basic Equipment:

1lb; Cutting Wheel (1d6; Proficiency +2; Defensive, Off Hand)

2lb+2lb; Long Knife with swept hilt (1d6; Proficiency +3; Heavy Thrown; Off Hand) attached to 20 feet of fine chain

1lb; Spiked Gauntlet (1d6; Proficiency +2; Off Hand)

10lb; Waraxe with basket hilt and single elongated triangle edge; 1d12; Proficiency +2; Versatile

10lb; Spiked Chain; 2d4; Proficiency +3; Reach

0lb; Sling; 1d6; Proficiency +2; Load Free

6lb; Repeating Crossbow; 1d8; Proficiency +2; Load Free

4lb; Cloth Armor: black Gi Pants, black Gi Robe, white Gi Jacket, dark brown with blue trim Greatcoat, dusty red Hat, white Masqe with curving slits to see through. Ratty green Cloak with a hood. Gi Pants: Regeneration. Hat and Masque: Detect Doors, Detect Creature, Detect Magic, Detect Lies, Detect Object, Detect Safety, Summon Object (Hat can summon Masque and activates the Masque’s magical qualities which otherwise lie dormant).

6lb; Light Shield: +1 AC and Reflex

- 42lb

3lb; Ritual Book with flat link harness

3lb; Tome with flat link harness with mirror on the inside of the cover: Magic Mouth, Secret Page, Inquisitive Eyes, Observe Location, Observe Creature, Observe Arcana, Demiplane, Sturdy Shelter.

- 6lb

2lb; Backpack

5lb; Rope Silk 100 feet

11lb; Climber Kit

1lb; Thieves Kit

2lb Chain 20ft

- 18lb

25lb; Empty Chest: Secret Chest, Arcane Lock, Demicache, Magic Circle, True Portal, Planar Portal.

Ritual Components

Alchemical Components

Magic Boat: A model boat that becomes a full sized boat or dinghy, capable of submersion and flight as well as phasing and portal travel.: Magic Circle; Demicache; Summon Winds; Enhance Vessel; True Portal; Planar Portal; Sanctuary Circle.

1lb; 10 Raven Feather

- 26lb

Swordsage Traits:

Role: Striker

Power Source: Martial

Bonus to Defense: +1 Will; +1 Fort; +1 Ref

Key Abilities: Wisdom, Strength, Constitution

Proficiency: Plate; Simple Melee; Military Melee; Superior Melee; Simple Ranged

Hit Points at First Level: 12+Constitution

Hit Points per Level Gained: 6

Class Features: Martial Studies; Martial Stances

Sanctuarian Traits:

Role: Leader/Striker

Power Source: Sanctuary (“The power that lies within the virtue of existence, that power which sees that existence endure.”)

Key Abilities: Wisdom, Charisma, Constitution

Proficiency: Cloth; Simple Melee; Military Melee; Superior Melee; Simple Ranged

Hit Points per Level Gained: 6

Sanctuarian Swordsage Traits:

Role: Striker

Power Source: Martial

Bonus to Defense: +1 Will; +1 Fort; +1 Ref

Key Abilities: Wisdom, Strength, Constitution

Proficiency: Cloth; Simple Melee; Military Melee; Superior Melee; Simple Ranged

Hit Points at First Level: 12+Constitution

Hit Points per Level Gained: 6

Healing Surges: 10

Class Features: Martial Studies; Martial Stances

Class Features:

Woven Choices: You automatically choose the At Wills presented by the Sanctuarian in addition to one At Will from your other hybrid choice.

Martial Studies

Class Skills: Acrobatics; Stealth; Diplomacy; Arcana

Ritual Caster

Level 1 (Class Features)(Feat)(At Will; Encounter; Daily):

At Will Minor “Source”: Adds 2CHA to your Source Pool. The maximum amount of points available must be equal to your level plus (CHA+WIS). This pool must be replenished at the start of an encounter.

At Will Minor “Weave”: Prepares up to (CHA+WIS) points from your Source Pool to add or subtract modifiers of effects or actions. Prepared Weave can be stacked by not expending it until the next turn. Maximum amount of Weave is equal to one third of your level, rounding up, plus (CHA+WIS).

Encounter Minor “Step of the Wind”: Ignore difficult terrain, enemies in difficult terrain while Step of the Wind is active count as encumbered.

Encounter Minor “Martial Spirit”: Gain Regeneration 2 while bloodied, gain 1d3 healing per successful strike.

Encounter Minor “Child of Shadow”: Concealment with ten or more feet of movement.

At Will Standard “Crusader Strike”: Heal 1d6 upon striking foe.

At Will Standard “Mighty Throw”: Throw enemy 1d4 squares if struck by enemy and take reduced damage.

At Will Standard “Clinging Shadow Strike”: Foe suffers 20% miss chance.

At Will Minor “One with Shadow”: Up until the end of your next turn you can make stealth checks to become hidden if you have any cover or concealment. Can also use other characters as cover.

Melee Training (Intelligence)

Level 2 (Feat)(Utility):

At Will Move “Weave Skating”: The Character teleports move speed. At the end of the Character’s turn or the end of the Character’s next turn the Character can elect to teleport back to the original square. Requires three weave.

Jack of All Trades: +2 Bonus to untrained skills.

Level 3 (Encounter):

Encounter Standard “Fire Riposte”: Upon being struck deal 4d6 fire damage and take reduced damage.

Level 4 (Feat; Ability):

Dragon Mark of Making

Intelligence; Dexterity

Level 5 (Daily):

Daily Minor “Absolute Steel Stance”: Stance that grants +10 feet of movement and +2 AC with ten or more feet of movement.

Level 6 (Feat)(Utility):

At Will Move “Woven Source”: Changes the source and element of an action or energy. The object of the power, if it still exists, returns to its original form at the end of the Character’s next turn. Requires three weave.

Unarmored Agility: +2 AC while wearing Cloth Armor or no armor.

Level 7 (Encounter):

Encounter Standard “Hand of Death”: Strike renders foe paralyzed for 1d4 turns.

Level 8 (Feat; Ability):

Quick Draw: Draw weapons as a part of your attack action.

Intelligence; Wisdom

Level 9 (Daily):

Daily Full Round “Woven Sanctum”: Any creature within ten squares of you that acts violently is teleported to a plane of your choice and recieves damage equal to your (CHA+WIS+INT) before appearing randomly ten squares away from you. All creatures who can be aware of you are aware of you and feel compelled to listen to you, you automatically gain an oppurtunity to make intimidate and diplomacy checks with all of them as if you were in conversation with them. Requires one weave, can be sustained as two minor actions for one weave per turn.

Level 10 (Feat)(Utility):

Encounter Standard “Shadow Monsters”

Beastial Transformation: +2 Base Speed. +1 Natural Armor. +1 Natural Weapons step. Fast Healing 1. Burrow. Climb. Swim. Sprint. Scent. Blindsense. Primal Origin.

Level 11 (Feat; +1 All Ability)(Paragon Features):

Feature “Sanctuary Truth”: If you source and weave in the same round you can become a creature of your choice of the same level for the next round.

Feature “Sanctuary Dream”: Remove all actions of the last round except the Sanctuarian’s when the Sanctuarian rolls a 1, 10, or 20.

Feature “Sanctuary Surreality”: If the Sanctuarian uses source and weave and uses another Sanctuary power in the same round the Pure Sanctuarian can ignore effects that would prevent the Pure Sanctuarian from interacting with something as the Sanctuarian wished in this round and the next.

Celestial Transformation: Good Flight at twice Base Speed. Natural Armor +1. Resist 7 Acid, Cold, and Electricity. +4 to Resist Poison. Damage Resistance 10/Magic. Spell Resistance +10. Disease Immunity. Darkvision. Tongues. Natural Weapons treated as Magic for overcoming Damage Reduction. Astral Origin

Level 12 (Paragon Utility):

Encounter Standard “Sanctuary Art”: The Pure Sanctuarian can perform three skill based actions as if they had had six hundred seconds to do it.

Level 13 (Replace Encounter):

Encounter Standard “Elder Mountain Hammer”: +8d6 Damage, ignore DR and Hardness.

Level 14 (Feat; Ability):

Falling Sun Attack: Setting Sun and unarmed attacks count as stunning.

Intelligence; Charisma

Level 15 (Daily):

Daily Standard “Woven Fate”: The Character chooses a special or magical effect relavent to a chosen skill and the character objective, the skill roll success determines the magnitude of the effect, although weaving can be used to enhance the skill roll. The effect cannot be cast on an unwilling participant for damage purposes, although it can be used to burden them. Requires three weave and can be maintained for two weave.

Level 16 (Feat)(Paragon Feature, Utility):

Feature “Sanctuary Doll”: When the Pure Sanctuarian would die they instead become a construct with Damage Resistance equal to their highest attribute modifier for a number of rounds equal to their second highest attribute modifier, if they lose health equivalent to their Healing Surge value during this time they become permanently become a mindless Sanctuary Doll and are whisked away to the Sanctuary.

Encounter Standard “Sanctuary Dirge”: The Pure Sanctuarian gains teleport 60 as a free action in the next round, at the end of that round he returns to their original position.

Martial Study (Ballista Throw): Encounter Standard; Throw opponent 60 feet, all foes in line take 6d4 damage.

Level 17 (Encounter):

Encounter Standard “Desert Tempest”: Attack foes as you pass by them, do not provoke oppurtunity attack, do not attack any creature twice.
Level 18 (Feat; Ability):

Martial Stance (Immortal Fortitude): If hit points become negative, a fortitude roll with DC equal to number of negative hit points returns hit points to one with failure ending the stance.
Intelligence; Charisma

Level 19 (Daily):

Daily Minor “Wolf Pack Tactics”: Stance that grants a 2 square shift with each successful attack.

Level 20 (Feat)(Paragon Daily):

Daily Full Round “Sanctuary Edict”: The Pure Sanctuarian chooses one roll, this roll automatically succeeds or fails as determined by the Pure Sanctuarian. If the roll was a roll that causes direct harm it must automatically fail, but a roll that saves from harm is not so determined.

Martial Study (Tornado Throw)

Level 21 (Destiny)(Feat; +1 All Ability):

Paragon Transformation: Gain the Paragon Template.

Level 22 (Feat)(Utility):

“Five Darknesses”

Level 23 (Replace Encounter):

“Five Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation”

Level 24 (Destiny Feature):

Level 25 (Replace Daily):

“Warmaster Charge”

Level 26:

Level 27 (Replace Encounter):

“Time Stands Still”

Level 28:

Level 29: (Replace Daily)

“Feral Death Blow”

Level 30:


Lucife Appearance

Lucife’s body type is best described as lithe, albeit with broad shoulders. His muscles are all toned and his flesh is trimmed, and his stance comes off as imposing and relaxed. When he steps there is an awkward grace to it, like a halting dance. Then it is noticed that he is only the size of a youth, a mere four foot nine in stature.

Lucife outer most wear is usually an embroidered Greatcoat, which is brown with tough shiny blue silk trim. The embroidered finery is a combination of stately norms and thin assymetrical spirals. Within the loosely worn coat is a white Gi Jacket, black Gi Pants, and a black Gi Robe. The black Gi are made of soft canvas, while the white Gi is made of cool silk. Lastly, his feet are usually bare though occassionally find moccassins or light boots which he will pull out of his inside coat pocket.

Lastly, Lucife wears white Gloves with thin darting yellow lines and a red hat; and a white Masque whose eye slits flare up towards the edges and dip towards the center, one of the slits curls back around towards the fore head.

When his face is seen it has a mildly square jaw with a pointed chin, and daring but inviting eyes. The eye shape is long and wide. It is, like the rest of his body, wreathed in shadow but unlike his lightly black body his eyes are bright blue and merely attended to by wisps of shadow; the jaw is lined with draconic ridges and studs. His hands, when seen are noticable for being claws, though retain their Kavmier shape.

Inside of his Gi Jacket harnessed to his chest there are three weapons, a Long Knife with slight curve and fang tip attached to 20 feet of fine chain, on top of this is a Cutting Wheel, and a Spiked Chain is on the mirror side. At his waist there is a Waraxe with a swept hilt and an edge that is an elongated triangle allowing for stabbing as well as hacking, also at his waist but opposite the Waraxe is a small Repeating Crossbow.

Two thick tomes with flat link harnesses lie across his shoulders, while a simple backpack with a chest hanging off of it are carried on his back or leaning on his leg.

Lucife Biography

Born exactly one hundred years before the events of Aethan’s seventh cycle, Lucife disappeared for thirty years at midnight on his seventeenth birthday into the Sanctuary while searching desperately in a dream for the truest strength. Upon his return, in the same bed he had left, Lucife acted as though he had just awoken from a dream. With only impressions and shifting memories to guide him, he reconstructed what had happened thereby finalizing his status as a Sanctuarian.

When he left his room, apparently now the room of his nephew, his family was suitably upset. His sister slapped him and his father threatened to kill him unless he could prove who he was. His mother was surprisingly calm, sitting down and rubbing her temples.

A year after settling into his new life of foraging and warding off bears from the lodge’s livestock, interspersed with village and city shenanigans given his mischievous nature, his mother directed him to the lodge’s library. In particular she unearthed a storybook titled “The Sanctuary” and a children’s novel titled “Explorers of the Astral Sea” and told him they were true. It took no convincing and he never asked how she knew.

From that point on, Lucife dedicated himself to finding out about the arcane structure of the universe, developing respect for certain creatures over others and eventually becoming convinced of three tiers of existence. Powerful, Existential, and Superfluous. Powerful entities were beings that represented the fabric of existence: gods, planes, dragons, the Primal Beast, primordials. To him, powerful entities were to be revered and were examples for the rest of existence, though not worshiped. Existential creatures carried power by the fact of their existence and had a right to a place on the pantheon of creatures. Superfluous creatures were not unique examples of existence, but rather variations or corruptions of various things and had no virture of existence.

It was from this thought that Lucife began seeking to make himself something more, to give him every source of power from the Powerful tier he could and become a perfected iteration of himself. Towards that end, for the first time in two years and the second time in his life, Lucife entered the Sanctuary.

Ten years of research and deliberation later, Lucife underwent the trial of Five Darknesses and a Draconic transformation.

His parents were dead by this point, and his sister only reacted with a measure of chagrin after he assured her that he had not abandoned his humanity. Her husband, however, was at once awed and threatened by Lucife. To avoid the awkward nature of the situation, he left his sister with both his findings and some patterns of education for her children and struck out into the world for the next twenty five years.

During this time he was quite mischievous, his shenanigans and interest in arcana eventually earning the attention of the Kavmier court to which he was invited to attend. He always kept his coat and mask on at these events, but several commissioned him to design clever magical items. Eventually, the Master Arbiter began consulting him on arcane security concerns and practical use of magical items in a martial force.

The Master Arbiter even engaged Lucife in talks regarding the use of using magical to briefly transform soliders into living weapons, although Lucife often insisted that Kavmier not rely too heavily on magic but be well versed in fundamentals as well as magic.

After four final years of the twenty year stint he returned to the simple lodge and met his one surviving, pregnant niece.

Winters can be harsh in Kavmier, so can the ire of a spurned lover’s vengence and a riot in the city.

Lucife spent the rest of his days playing godfather to his grand nephew.
Until he started receiving visions to return to the courts.

A year later he arrived, in the same costume as he had before. The court immediately recognized him, at which point wispy lights started circling him and lifted him into the air and the Kavmier royalty received visions making clear in one way or another that he was the new champion.

When the princess of Kavmier, compelled by her vision, took off his mask to kiss him, the entire court saw his face and were confused by his appearance. The king, horrified, attacked him outright. The lights swirled around his weapon as Lucife lashed out with a spiked chain in retaliation to being slashed by the king’s falchion, wrapping it around the king’s neck. Several moments passed with both the king and Lucife too startled to move.

Finally the king took his falchion in both hands and spun around with a slash, but it never reached Lucife. With horror on his face, Lucife pulled with all his might and cleaved through the king’s neck.

The court erupted.

But it was the princess who stood between Lucife and the rest until finally the queen rose from her throne and walked with poise towards Lucife. Lucife lowered his guard and stood tall as the princess moved back, and the queen kissed his cheek before ordering her Master Arbiter to ready Lucife to see the archon.

Lucife in AEthan during the Gauntlet

Lucife in AEthan after the Arcanophage
Aboard the Pathfinder Lucife kept to himself, hidden from the rest of the crew, drifting between obsession with the whispers to obsession with arcana and what he could do for Kavmier when he returned.

He could feel his madness traveling the cracks in his mind. “The world is made of love and strife, the world is made of love and strife, the world is made of love and strife…”
“The world is moving, the weave is spreading, it is resisting.”

“A magic boat, a magic book, a magic chest, a magic gauntlet, a magic mask, a magic cloth.
To travel, to craft, to hold, to grapple, to perceive, to wrap. Arcane and natural and astral. All forms to one glory.”

As the Pathfinder approached the weave lifted Lucife from the dark and brought him to the quarter deck.

“I must prepare Kavmier.”

A Marshal to train their somatics, a Magister to bloom their minds, a Commissar to attend their resources and information. Every Kavmier shall dedicate four hours every day to harsh study with the Magister and Marshal and will be expected to attend it fervantly, our strength as a people cannot be neglected. Every month the Marshal and Magister shall return to the Master Arbiter to have conference and games of their own, and the people shall game in their absence. If hell comes then let every Kavmier be a keeper of the gate just as they are a watcher of their own lives, I will inspire the strength of life in them without any need for oppression. And the nobility will become the best of them, the nobility will constantly tend to games of survival and craft.

Enough with drowning decadence, that is not the way of Kavmier or of life.

Such simple changes with the most resounding impact on our unity and development as living creatures, and our strength.

I will inspire this nation. I must inspire this nation.

I will protect them with their own strength. Don’t worry sister, cousin will not be killed by the weakness of others.

At which point Lucife noticed that he was in the middle of a Vikran port and no one was around.

“Huh. Ninety days.”

Lucife did need to return to Kavmier, but this was the first time he had really been to a Vikran civilization.

“I wonder what the royalty is like around here. For that matter, what about this town? A good walkabout would do me some good.”

So Lucife started walking.

The air was thick with salt and sweat as most port towns are. This is Bjorn, one of the largest trade posts on Orsica [the continent], and defiantly its most free. As a result, it is inhabited with the best and the worst the land has to offer.

Lucife had 500gp (“When did I get this?”), and all the possessions he had when the Arcanophage hit. But he did not know how much time had passed, how the land was, or anything about Vikran.

More importantly, his soul was in peril. As he grew stronger in the weave, his shade and draconic transformations coupled with his emotional uncertainty were causing imbalance. The weave was overcoming his sense. It was in his control, but he knew he was becoming a Pure Sanctuarian. Sanctuarians of the past who never achieved their destiny and turned into doll like creatures acting as servitors to the Sanctuary. They were still they, but lost to the weave.

Lucife planned go overland rather than by sea, taking time to spend two days in each city before taking the sea to Kavmier. Even cusped by madness, his priorities remained. Whimsical curiosity was high on the list, as was secrets. Including the Vikran port and his Kavmier destination of Gechko, where he would spend two days incognito before tending to the court, the total number of days spent this way would be 31. Taking a simple carriage would cost 5gp a day and the days of travel would be 19 resulting in 95gp subtracted from his purse.

In each city he find the best crafters and speak with them cordially, inquiring about their trade and lives. He would listen in whatever place served as a community gathering place. Then he would make multiple inquiries to the highest local authorities, state or otherwise, about the status of things.

He would gather what lore he could. It helps to know what your neighbors believe. It is part of life to find the secrets that are kept.

Finally, before leaving, he would choose one item to barter service for and one to steal.
Of course, the whole time he would be helpful and friendly. Most importantly, inconspicuous. Well, as inconspicuous as you can be dressed with a mask on. At least he had taken off his red hat and closed his coat.

Lucife in Vikran
Lucife in Banku
Lucife in Kavmier
Lucife Rendevous with Champions
Lucife Writes a Letter to the Princess

My dear,

The Xat’an betrayed our trust, but truly what trust existed? It was simply an illusion for conveniance. As soon as the fleet appeared I walked and swam towards their ships, I think it was twenty, and scuttled one. Take note, they did not so much as slow for their fellow. I swam and swam until I could scuttle three more and have them collide with the others.
The others fled in Pathfinder. When I arrived they had clubbed the Xat’an, Requies, and brought him on board. He escaped and attempted to drop the anchor so they bloodied him pretty badly, the Banku almost killed him in blood rage. All are pacified for the moment and we have escaped. I will speak with Requies later.

My dear, I hope you and our Queen are well. Please attend to our Queen’s needs but I warn you do not tell her too many details. How is the Arbiter holding up?

Please encourage the Nobles to be extravagent and practical in their crafting, I hope they are sparring frequently and excited about discovery. Let them know that I am well and my adventure has been fun, but as ever they are not to speak of me even amongst themselves. Only you and the Arbiter. Inform them about your extrapolations from my adventure, but not the specifics.

On that matter, please let general information flow freely among our people but compromising information should be taboo unless nessecary. Take efforts to encourage practices that have moral base and make us obscure upon observation but obvious among those who share our way of thinking.

I know you must be stressed, do not be afraid to take time for yourself. I know the Arbiter would deny your request, so trick him into relaxing for an hour. I doubt he will rest longer than that. Remind him to sleep.

Let me know how the plague fairs, have we discerned anything about it? Is it us or our land? Can we weaponize it? Can we cure it? Can we prevent it? Can we control it in any way?

On to political matters, much as I despise the word. Send three to infiltrate Xat’an to learn of its infrastructure, its politics, its food aquisition and consumption, and its land. Tell them to be discreet above all else. No one is to know they have left or returned, or that we have this information except the Arbiter, yourself, and I. They have grown strong militarily, but they are far too focused on this. We should give them a different test of true strength and perhaps stabilize our continent before it gets to us.

On that note, we are to adopt a state of xenophobia to all outside nationals. They are to be treated kindly but not trusted, and watched by all. As always, be discreet in spreading this information.

We need allies, but I don’t want to attempt anything bold or unseemly. Send ambassadors to learn of their courts as a gesture of cultural mingling. The ambassadors may discreetly visit the towns along the way and need make no secret of their appearance while at the court. But stealth during travel is paramount, they are not to make a fuss and to disappear before they leave the court or town. They go alone.

Do not send one to Xat’an, yet, I don’t want them to even notice us.

My Princess, please attend your own transformation into a warrior and magister as keenly as you attend the others. I fear I have little ability to visit Kavmier in any event, including one of your peril.

He who must not be named.

Visit to Kavmier following the visit to the Library

Upon arrival Lucife updated the Princess with everything that had happened. He then mingles with the nobility without announcement, spending time to discuss Kavmier’s defense. One plan in particular involved the city and castle. This plan would involve hiding Kavmier villagers in the city who would engage in a massive sudden strike then light the streets on fire, though not the buildings, and half would portal to the outside of the town and engage fleeing opponents or flank them if they stayed for an elongated period of time while half would engage in guerilla warfare.

Afterwards Lucife challenged them to create him a number of magical items while he studied the Pathfinder Compass and the Kavmier Plague.

Conversation with the first Watcher to be found

Vellan Festival

Orders Regarding Xatan Takeover by Demons

Establish contact with Royalty if safe; establish contact with Xatan leaders if safe. Proceed with disabling Xatan infrastructure. Report immediate and often.

Orders Regarding Formation of Militia Temple

Formation of the organization “Militia Temple”

The Militia are the members, their duty is to protect the world and all its people to the best of their ability. Membership is open to any and all who can maintain the Temple. The Militia is divided into fealty organized cells, the size of a cell is determined by its ability to handle its members efficiently.

Masters command their sanctioned cell, only over ruled by agreement between their Oishi and Seneschal.

Oishis question decisions and manage information.

Seneschals enforce order and manage administration.

Tudors are tasked with all the duties of the Militia Temple which they achieve by providing for the other members, provisions which the other members are obligated to accept as long as it does not interfere with their duty or the laws of the Temple even if it conflicts with a previous provision by a Tudor. Tudors are limited to Kavmier Nobility, and nomination by a Tudor followed by unanimous Tudor consent is a method to becoming a Kavmier Noble. Their symbol is the Rose.

Harlequins are tasked with investigation and inspiration. Their symbol is the Masque. The enemy is hard.

Lectors are tasked with peace and faith. Their symbol is the Gong. The enemy is oppression.

Dragons are tasked with combat and transformation. Their symbol is the Ouroboros. The enemy is static.

Teutons are tasked with readiness and combat. Their symbol is the Cross. The enemy is soft.

Hospitallers are tasked with readiness and health. Their enemy is the Caduceus. The enemy is decay.

Templars are tasked with readiness and logistics. Their symbol is the Flag. The enemy is famine.

The Temple are the strictures the members must adhere to.

Be a paragon in morality, making every decision according to consideration for all things.

Be a paragon in ability, making every situation a routine.

Be a paragon in transcendence, breach through each impossible growth.

Be moving, never waste any time.

Be coordinated, an individual is part of the world.

Pledge to


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